ISOTTA perfumes

The perfumes we choose to wear accompany us and connect us to our most intimate selves. Isotta fragrances have been born from an irrepressible desire to create such companions, drawn from the extraordinarily rich diversity of nature’s raw materials.

Isotta Parfums creation

The story

After years of painting, studying aromatherapy, becoming familiar with the worlds of fashion and textile, far away travels and a permanent research into senses – what other window have we to apprehend this world? – the founder and perfumer, Véronique Remblière, had the opportunity to study perfumery at ISIPCA, in Versailles, where she was going to learn what molecules were essential oils made of, and how to compose “accords” to create perfumes.

This was a marvellous journey of discovery, except for the shock of learning that « conventional » perfumes, despite the fancy advertising campaigns and learned discourses suggesting the contrary, are composed (*)almost entirely really great majority of synthetic molecules, was a choc (*their concentrate, not the alcohol which is natural but always denaturated).

Like everything we put on our skin, synthetic molecules, including phtalates and controversial preservatives, find their way down to blood, fat and mother’s milk. Did you know that a drop of lavender essential oil placed on the fontanelle will be found in urine twenty minutes later? That crown of your head the smoke of a cigarette inhaled unwittingly will also be there detectable there?

Our environment is important, and we are our environment. Each of us has his/her role to play. Environmental diseases, of which pesticides are not the least cause, kill tens of thousands of people every year; some agrichemical products, which are proven to be carcinogenic and endocrine disruptors are even put back on the market! It is also up to the consumer to make a commitment by choosing organic.

It appeared obvious and urgent to create perfumes composed solely of natural products, preferably organic or harvested in the wild. We don’t denigrate synthetics, we don’t declare war, we simply state our commitment and our desire to rely exclusively on the strength of nature.

…and thus is the Isotta project born; without denying the teaching and discoveries of conventional perfumery, that have helped us to understand the composition of essences and has given us, in olfactory terms, some extraordinary perfumes, we offer 100% natural and organic fragrances.

Véronique Rembliere

To go further.

Perfumery is an art, intimately affecting the individual.
A fragrance accompanies us during the day, gives us a perspective, a « tone ». It can reassure, console, protect, question, shift, suggest, bewitch ; it should be comfortable and caring. Each of us, through his history, his culture and his genetics, will perceive it differently.

A perfume speaks to the soul.

Such as music and painting, it is a wide-open window on to the invisible.

We hope Isotta perfumes will help you in that regard.

white feather
Caspar David Friedrich Kreidefelsen auf Rügen (Museum Oskar Reinhart)

Caspar David Friedrich
Kleidefelsen auf Rügen Kunst Museum Winterthur